Interview Question - "Why would you want to work in Crawfordsville, Indiana?"

Answer 1 - I like small towns

"Regional Logistics Manager"
Interview Question - There were no unexpected or difficult questions.

Answer 1 - Good practice and helped me know where I did not want to work.

"Engineer II"
Interview Question - What was your ACT score?

Answer 1 - I was surprised by this question, since ACT is a college entrance exam and I was applying for a position requiring a B.S. in engineering plus several years of work experience. Although I was quite proud of my ACT score, I felt that judgement based on that score seemed like it would not take more recent accomplishments into account. At the time of interview, it had been 7 years since I had taken the ACT test. They did not ask about my college G.P.A.

"Administrative Manager"
Interview Question - are you planning to have kids soon ?
"Administrative Manager"
Interview Question - which country are you from ?
"Production Technician"
Interview Question - If someone told you grab something out the machine that failed while moving, would you grab it?

Answer 1 - No

"Production Supervisor"
Interview Question - If I was open to starting in one department and advancing to others.

Answer 1 - I responded affirmatively. I stated that I always look for a way to learn as much as I can in an effort to prove worthy of advancement.

"Production Operator"
Interview Question - What did u like least about previous jobs.
"Production Coordinator"
Interview Question - Why do you want to work here?
"General Labor"
Interview Question - Would I be willing to work swing shift.

Answer 1 - Yes