College Grads

Why Choose Crown?

You started your college studies with one goal: to graduate fully prepared for a successful career. Since then, you've worked diligently towards achieving your goal. You know your potential and are ready to prove yourself, but you need one thing to get started – an opportunity! At Crown, we are proud to offer you the following:

  • The opportunity to build a successful career in a company with a "promote from within" philosophy.
  • The opportunity to work for a Fortune 500 Company that is leading the global packaging industry.
  • The opportunity for professional and personal development through training and work experiences.
  • The opportunity to join a team of professionals that is passionate about their work.
  • The opportunity to realize your own potential!
  • Take the next step and find the path that is right for you...

Campus Connections

Sustaining a leadership position requires us to attract and retain the best people. As such, our Campus Connections Team is faced with the challenge of finding new talent with new ideas and a fresh outlook for positions within the Crown organization.

Each year we visit the nation's finest colleges and universities in search of the best people, particularly those with the judgment and confidence to challenge conventional thinking. We target undergraduate and graduate students with a variety of areas of study for full-time, internship and co-op positions within our Corporate, Technologies and Manufacturing divisions. 

In identifying prospective candidates, we take much more into consideration than an individual's grade point average. We search for well-rounded individuals with professional experience gained through intern, co-op and summer employment. Those involved in leadership and service positions on campus and in the community. And those with other academic and professional pursuits.

Crown is currently searching for talented individuals to fill Full Time, Coop and Internship positions.

Full Time Career Opportunities

It is your final year and you are close to accomplishing your goal. All your hard work has paid off and you are about to earn your degree. You are a free agent with some important decisions ot make about your career. You want to work for a company that will develop your talents, one that will challenge you to be your best, and one that will offer you a variety of job responsibilities. You want to work for a company that will provide opportunities for advancement. You want to work with great people.

You want to work for Crown!


An internship at Crown can be as short as the summer or as long as a couple of semesters. No matter how much time you spend with us, you are guaranteed an experience that will be packed with real, meaningful assignments. We value students as a principal source of talent that injects new ideas and a fresh insight into the organization. You're not just an intern, you are a valued member of the Crown team!

As an intern, you are looking for an opportunity to apply the knowledge you have secured in school to real world opportunities. You also want to make certain that you are steering your career in the right direction. We realize your goals and do our best to help you achieve them. We offer intern and cooperative education opportunities in the following disciplines:

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Engineering
  • Human Resources/Industrial Relations
  • Information Services
  • Operations Management
  • Sourcing

What do we look for when selecting college students?

We are looking for undergraduate and graduate students who have committed to a major and are looking to gain experience in the field. The right candidate needs to be confident and have the desire to learn. We seek-out self-motivated individuals with proven interpersonal skills and an outgoing personality. You must be able to function effectively in both a team and individual environment with persistence and attention to detail. We require the ability to manage multiple projects and the ability to prioritize effectively. Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite is essential.

Examples of specific opportunities available to students:

  • Staff Accountant
  • Sourcing Intern
  • Human Resources Co-op
  • Purchasing Agents
  • Marketing Intern

What’s Next?

When full-time opportunities arise, we look to our former interns first.  As such, there is a good chance that the end of your assignment might not be your last day at Crown. Many of our interns continue their relationship with Crown after graduation. Some of our finest employees started through our internship program and are well on their way up the corporate ladder!